Program for “The days of…”

Thursday 29th Sep

16:00 Soup

Discussion: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Or are we?!” (critical overview on squatting situation since kraakverbod with sparking fresh brainstorm like ideas on how to¬† rebound from the bottom)

19:00 Voku


Friday 30th Sep

13:00 De Hallen opens

14:00 Discussion: Squatting and ‘the movement’ – What do we want and how to get there? (In English)

16:00 Arrestantengroep Quiz – All the stuff you think you know / Alles wat je denkt te weten (In English + in Dutch)

17:00 – Banner workshop – making cool & kick-ass banners!

18:00 Verhoortaining. (In het Nederlands.

19:00 Voku

In the evening “Fuck Marriage” benefit party @ Occii (Amstelveenseweg 134)


Sat 1st Oct

14:00 Info point DeHallen

17:00 Demonstration
“We’re still here! – Wij zijn er nog steeds!”
@ Spui
Black up, mask up, show up!

In the evening soup, bread & folk punk @ Molli (Van Ostadestraat 55hs)


Sun 2nd Oct

16:00 Evaluation, snacks, movies

18:00 Voku

20:00 Acoustic band: Satans Minion

+ movies and riot porn from “Spirit of Squatters Collective” & others

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