Days of action against the squatting ban
29th September – 2nd October


We’re still here!

Once upon a time, there was a group of people who were declared criminals overnight, and who then took to the streets and said: Your laws, not ours. And they set fires in order to show that they will not go away silently, that they will not surrender…

It’s been a year since the squatting ban was implemented. And like on any anniversary, it is time to look back and see what has changed.

The waiting lists for social housing have only gotten longer; the rights of renters have been eroded more and more; anti-squat agencies flourish by exploiting people in desperate need of a roof above their heads, offering them only precarious solutions that are no real solutions at all.

The same goes for the squatting ban: it was never a real solution. It was only a convenient way for politicians to escape responsibility. When they said they wanted to solve the problem of housing shortage, that they wanted to find solutions to emptiness, we knew they were lying. And the last year has, once again, only proven that we were right not trusting those two-faced lizards in the first place.

As long as those in power don’t seem interested in solving the housing problem, we will keep doing what we always do – squatting. We refuse to lay our destinies in the hands of greedy speculators and housing corporations. Instead we will keep providing solutions to ourselves, and continue to do the best we can to help other people do the same.

Let us commemorate the 1st of October as the day that represents the way we will never, ever give up.

Ban or no ban – we’re still here! Idealen ontruim je niet – kraken gaat door!

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